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Performance Management

A leader’s ability to execute the Performance Management Process makes all the difference in the world.  It is a key to the success of the leader, the team, and the organization.  It is the means by which a leader manages and measures work (activity) and the quality of that work (productivity).

Managing and measuring work are key competencies all leaders much master.  They are critical to executing the performance management process in excellence and include the following:

  • Setting Clear Goals & Objectives
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Providing Timely Feedback

Neglecting either of these components will prove problematic at annual review time, and can threaten the very success of the organization.

At RIX International, we have developed a proprietary method for calculating contribution margin at the individual, team, and department levels.  This method is designed to drive return on investment (ROI) in human capital higher.  For more information on our proprietary method, please contact us HERE.

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