Our Practice

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Sensitivity

At RIX International, we take a holistic approach to Diversity.  Not only do we address, Equity and Inclusion, but Sensitivity as well, because without the proper blend, an organization DIES slowly from within.

This is how we define and distinguish the parts that make the whole:

  • Diversity is being VISIBLE (having a seat at the table)
  • Inclusion is having a VOICE (having a say)
  • Equity is being VALUED (fairly compensated)
  • Sensitivity is being seen as VITAL (regardless of position or title)

For diversity to work, individuals must learn to work well together.

Our Diversity at Work Series will help leaders and organizations leverage the power of diversity in their workforce.

See more information about our Diversity At Work Series.  To start a conversation, please contact us HERE.