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"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference. Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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Testimonials & Recommendations

 "Ricky is a very driven, hard-working professional. Through the years that I have known him, he has consistently aspired to higher levels of professionalism as an executive coach and trainer. His ability to build relationships at all levels has proven to be a business advantage as illustrated by the extensive client base and community support he has received for his initiatives.

It is a pleasure to interact with Ricky on projects as he has the determination to keep projects on target and gain the same commitment from other participants. Ricky is an asset to any team that allows him to apply his skills and extensive experience."

Phyllis T.

“I highly recommend him as a person who breathes his leadership motto into the lives of others.”

Sporty K.

"Having known Ricky for well over 15 years, I have found him to be a very determined, focused and creative individual. Ricky is not just a goal-setter. He is an achiever that is always willing to think "outside the box" and work outside of his boundaries to accomplish his goals.”

April S.

“Ricky was an exceptional coach to his team and was very interested in their professional development. He and I partnered on many events, training programs and the development of his people.

Whether it was working together on our many sales rallies, sales training classes, or coaching his reps, it was always a pleasure to work with someone of his caliber. Ricky was an inspiring, ethical leader who expected the best in others and lead by example

Ricky is passionate about his endeavors and is committed to helping his clients maximize on their potential.

Ricky has the special ability to inspire others to success. He is always willing to give good advice that enables others to exceed their expectations."

Karen A.

"I wasn't sure if coaching was what I needed to help me reach my goals, after a few months of working with Ricky a powerful transformation is taking place in my life. Ricky's guidance, support, and honest feedback is teaching me how to stay focused on my goals. As a Career Coach he gets Great Results. He is Personable and he is an Expert Coach.

When I was in a challenging and very import career decision I took some time to deeply process my decision and utilized your services to assist me in doing so.

During this time I met with you personally.  You challenged me to evaluate my decisions by thinking through the pros and cons. Your questions and comments made me think about what I was about to do.
I felt supported and encouraged to make a decision that was best not only for me but for all concerned.  The best part for me was your emphasis on my strengths and abilities.  This allowed me to step out of the circumstances and see the bigger picture of who I am and what could occur if I believed in myself.
Thank you so very much for being my supportive coach and friend.  I made the decision that was best and have not regretted what I chose to do.”

John S.