Professional Coaching and Leadership Development with Coach RIX
"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference. Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Is  your team at work going through some tough changes?  Maybe you’re a school administrator who would like some help with Staff Development or an innovative curriculum for character development.   What about that grant your non-profit organization just received to for creating a Job Readiness program in your community?  RIX International can help with all of these challenges.  Whatever the needs, size, or purpose of your team, RIX International can craft a Coaching solution customized to fit your budget and your goals.


Coaching business teams can include Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Diversity Training, Team Building, and a variety of solutions and customized offerings designed to meet the specific needs of your team.  Click here for more information.


Coaching for educators offers professional development for teachers to enhance classroom management, implement creative curriculum options, and improve interaction with administrators, students, and parents.  Customized coaching also available for educational administrators. Click here for more information.

Students (K-12)

Coaching with a focus on students  of all ages, we offer  Leadership and Character Education that will play a role not only in the student’s academic achievement , but also his or her success in life.  Click here for more information.


Is your organization prepared to meet the business demands of the future? Are you and your staff making smart use of people and technology?  Let us help you become more focused on financial and social ROI by being:

  • Adaptable
  • Business-Oriented
  • Citizen/Customer Focused
  • Committed to transparency

RIX International will work with you and your team to understand your special neeeds, and then creat a plan to reach your specific and unique goals. CONTACT US for more information.