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"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference. Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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Motivational Speaking

Coach Rix has spoken to audiences from the United States of America to as far away as Soweto South Africa. He has spoken to children and adults alike. Coach Rix has spoken to people in Corporate America, Non-profit Organizations, School Career Days, Chamber of Commerce presenter, Church groups, he has been the Keynote Speaker at Family Reunions, and he was a Dale Carnegie Instructor for 10 years.

Throughout his career, Coach RIX has emulated his own “Be Your Best” motto, whether as a sales leader, a No. 1 retail general manager or as the recipient of countless accolades for his performance including, Winners Circle Awards, National President’s Award and Ambassador Award. 

Coach RIX wears many hats and is quite comfortable in varied roles from life and business coaching to public speaking and consulting. He has been responsible for leading local, state and regional teams, he has managed, coached and developed direct and indirect local, regional and national sales teams, and has developed relationships and negotiated contracts with national retailers such as Radio Shack and Dillard’s.

Coach RIX is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a minor in broadcasting. He has served as a Dale Carnegie instructor for almost 10 years. Coach RIX is a professional life coach and business coach with more than 25 years of experience providing personal and professional coaching to Executives, Athletes, Entertainers, Educators and Students. 

Coach RIX partners with a team of professionals offering decades of experience in Leadership Development and Training, Customer service, Human Resources, Sports Management and other fields, enabling RIX International to speak to and coach individuals, teams and organizations to higher levels of performance.