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"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference. Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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Educators: Leadership Development & Training

Training solutions for K-12 educators includes professional development for teachers to enhance classroom management, creative curriculum options, and tools to improve interaction with administrators, students, and parents. 

We also provide customized training to meet the needs of post-secondary administrators and their staff.


TIME MANAGEMENT—“I just can’t seem to get everything done.”  Sound familiar?  This session focuses on identifying priorities, minimizing less important tasks, and developing a strategy and a specific plan for getting things done.   As a plus, educators can then help students develop their own time management techniques.

STRESS  MANAGEMENT—Whew!  With ever-increasing demands both at home and at work, it is important to learn ways to reduce and manage stress effectively.  This session focuses on specific techniques for recognizing and relieving stress before it escalates. It also is designed to help educators better recognize when students are stressed and to help them learn techniques to “de-stress.”

SERVICE EXCELLENCE—To maintain and increase a strong professional image in your community, it is critical that you and your school adhere to the highest service standards in interacting with students, parents, administrators, and the public.   In this session, you will explore ways to better understand professional service expectations, how to meet and/or exceed those expectations, as well as gain tips to handle difficult situations that threaten professional service quality.

RESPECT AND DIGNITY IN THE CLASSROOM—To maximize the productivity in your classroom, it is important to recognize the value that diversity brings as well as the dignity of each individual you are charged with teaching.  This session will help you to understand the impact that practicing respect and dignity has on your students’ success, now and in the future. 

LEARNING STYLES—Not getting through to some of your students? This session helps teachers assess student learning styles and identify techniques to develop more effective lesson plans.  Teachers also can create a checklist for parents to determine their child’s learning styles, as well as create tips for good, effective study habits that bolster learning.

BUILDING FUTURE LEADERS—In this session, educators are coached on developing, implementing and delivering character education lesson plans.  Since character development is foundational for students both academically and in life, this curriculum focuses on honesty, respect for others and taking personal responsibility.  Building on self-esteem, students are taught to set goals, develop a personal action plan and strive toward right choices.  The curriculum is customized for students of all ages and grade levels.


Community colleges, colleges, and universities face unique business and academic challenges.  RIX International offers Professional Development sessions for academic staff, Job Readiness and Career Planning sessions for students, and a variety of Business options for administrators.