Professional Coaching and Leadership Development with Coach RIX
"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference. Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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Business Leadership Development & Training

Business Training options for business teams includes Leadership Development, Team Building, Service Excellence and a menu of solutions and customized offerings designed to meet the specific needs of your team.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT—“I feel like I’m standing still.”  Effective leadership is the key to forward movement, where you establish your mission to align with your goals and objectives.  Let us help you put plans in place and ideas in action to realize your vision.  You will take that step forward and not look back!

TEAM BUILDING—“Why can’t we all just get along?” Working as a team is critical to the success of any organization.  We will identify what it means to be a team player and pinpoint strategies for working together to achieve collective goals. 

CHANGE/TRANSITION MANAGEMENT—“Hey, did you hear what’s going on?” Change and the accompanying transition are inevitable in today’s business environments.  Leaders of organizations and the individuals affected must anticipate and embrace change.  This session is designed to help you and your team recognize and address the “human side” of change.

COMMUNICATION STYLES—“What did he mean by that?”By understanding how people communicate and the various styles that work best in your everyday environment, you will deliver effective messages and be better prepared to avoid and resolve conflicts.  You will find this session invaluable in helping you reach your personal and professional goals.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE—“Customer Service is not a department; it’s an attitude.”  To maintain and increase market share, it is critical that you and your organization offer the best service possible to your customers.  In this session, you will explore ways to better understand customer expectations, meet and/or exceed those expectations, as we all as gain tips to handle difficult situations that threaten service quality.

TIME MANAGEMENT—“I just can’t seem to get everything done.  I need more hours in the day!”  Sound familiar?  This session focuses on identifying priorities, minimizing less important tasks, and developing a strategy and a specific plan for getting things done! 

STRESS  MANAGEMENT—“Whew!”  With ever-increasing demands both at home and at work, it is important to learn ways to reduce and manage stress effectively.  This session focuses on specific techniques for recognizing and relieving stress before it escalates.  It’s also a great help in achieving work/life balance!

RESPECT AND DIGNITY IN THE WORKPLACE—“It’s everyone’s responsibility.”  To maximize the productivity in your workplace, it is important to recognize that diversity brings value to your environment.  This session will help you to learn about how employees expect to be and should be treated, and the ethics surrounding those guidelines.