Professional Coaching and Leadership Development with Coach RIX
"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference.  Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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Individual Coaching

INDIVIDUAL COACHING focuses on the whole person, using a Wheel of Life to design a customized plan for personal, business, and/or professional success.

Coach RIX knows that for One to One coaching to be effective, it is important to explore the key areas of your life.  Using a tool called the “Wheel of Life,” Coach RIX will help you uncover what you truly desire and value in all areas of your life, enabling you to identify specific goals.  Coach RIX will help you lay out a “full court press” plan for you that includes planning on a daily, mid-term, and long-term basis that will lead you to reach your specific goals and ultimately enjoy a successful, well-balanced life.

Coaching for Business Professionals

Business Professionals

Business Profesional Coaching focuses on the individual from a business perspective, while looking at the whole person to get a balanced view.  A customized plan is designed to meet both professional and personal goals to maintain a healthy life balance. 

Coaching for the Business Professional employs career coaching with an emphasis on creating a plan for setting and reaching both short-term and long-term goals.  Specific sessions could focus on Leadership Development, Time Management, Communication Styles, Team Building, Stress Management or others, depending on your particular goals.  To develop this plan effectively, Coach RIX believes in focusing on the whole person.  Using the “Wheel of Life” tool to explore key areas of your life with Coach RIX, your customized plan for success will reflect your values and provide life balance.

Coaching for Educators


Educators are the leaders of their students and managers of their classroom.  Individual coaching provides the educator with the tools needed to enhance classroom leadership and management, stimulate in students the desire to learn, and improve interaction with administrators.

Educating the youth of today is a vitally important, yet often challenging assignment.  Coaching can help you meet that challenge by breaking down those challenges into specific blocks.  Using the “Wheel of Life” to focus on you as a whole person, Coach RIX helps you identify key areas in your life.   Together, you can set short-term and long-term goals, along with a plan to achieve those goals.  Coaching in such areas as time management and stress management can help in your interactions with students, parents and administrators.  RIX International also offers a creative curriculum in character education that assists educators in stimulating their students toward academic achievement. 


"COACHING FOR THE GAME OF LIFE" examines career, business, and personal challenges that athletes face, as well as providing a life-long plan to meet those challenges successfully.  Coaching will NOT carry the ball for you; but if you drop the ball, coaching will prepare you with a process that will keep you moving forward!  Click here for more information.