Professional Coaching and Leadership Development with Coach RIX
"Many discount themselves and don’t feel they can make a difference. Let me help you pursue personal excellence, not based on what others can do, but on what you are capable of doing."
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RIX International offers a variety of consulting options, centered on a solid, well-defined coaching relationship. We gather and analyze information, provide objective advice, and work with you to determine solutions and implement positive changes.

STRATEGIC PLANNINGGoals and objectives aligned with the vision and mission of an organization are critical to its success. We will set the stage for success through clearly defined priorities.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT – To make time, you must take time. You may be so involved in executing steps in a process, that you do not take time to step back, take a critical look at your processes and discover ways to become more efficient.  Let us help you eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in your processes.  By taking time to examine your processes, you will find time to invest in value-added activities.

PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT – Whether new to the world of work, a first time supervisor, or assuming additional responsibilities, let us help you as you lead your employees in reaching new levels of performance.  The bar is continually being raised and employees must consistently enhance their skill sets in order to outperform and exceed yesterday’s achievements. 

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION —“It’s everyone’s responsibility.”  To maximize the productivity in your workplace, it is important to recognize that diversity brings value to your environment.  This session will help you to learn about how employees expect to be and should be treated, and the ethics surrounding those guidelines.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT—To meet or exceed desired results, leaders must be able to effectively manage employee performance.  Performance Management includes employee development, goal setting, monitoring progress, conducting one/one performance discussions, and providing timely and effective feedback.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE “Customer Service is not a department; it’s an attitude.”  To maintain and increase market share, it is critical that you and your organization offer the best service possible to your customers.  Together, we will explore ways to better understand your customers’ expectations, how to meet and/or exceed those expectations, as well as uncover situations that threaten service quality.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Are you implementing a critical project that could very well lead to significant savings of time and money, improving your bottom line results?  To get desired results, you need to make sure critical milestones and timelines are reached.  That is where successful project management skills are invaluable to success.  We can help you and your team as you plan and execute your plan to achieve desired results.