Professional Coaching and Leadership Development with Coach RIX

"Having known Ricky for well over 15 years, I have found him to be a very determined, focused and creative individual. Ricky is not just a goal-setter. He is an achiever that is always willing to think "outside the box".

Ricky has the special ability to inspire others to be successful. He is always willing to give good advice that enables others to exceed their expectations."

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Why we help:

We see individuals discover and become their personal best.

Our mission is to help you pursue personal excellence. We meet people where they are, help them visualize what they can be and do, and encourage them to realize that vision.  In short, our mission is to help you be your personal best.  We do that by helping you:

  1. Identify what you want to be, do and have,
  2. Assess where you are,
  3. Devise a plan to help you get there

How we help:

  • Professional Coaching
    Trying to keep your head in the game and maintain a healthy work/life balance can often seem out of reach.  Professional Coaching helps you to focus and create a plan for reaching the goals that YOU have identified as most important in your life.  Coach RIX, founder of RIX International, coaches business leaders, athletes, educators, and any individual seeking to unleash untapped potential. 

  • Leadership Development & Training
    Team Building, Stress Management, Communication Styles, Character Education—those are just a few of the wide variety of sessions RIX International offers to fit the needs of business leaders,  educators, students, athletes, and committed individuals. 

  • Consulting
    RIX International’s approach to consulting is centered on a solid, well-defined coaching relationship.  We gather and analyze information, provide objective advice, and work with you to implement solutions that result in positive changes. Menu options include Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, People Development and Project Management.

  • Motivational Speaking
    Do you need a keynote speaker, emcee or workshop facilitator?  Coach RIX delivers a message that is memorable, inspirational, and always from the heart.

Who we've helped:

  • International Paper
  • RISE Foundation
  • Memphis City Schools
  • Prairie Life Fitness Center
  • Breath of Life Christian Academy
  • Destiny Center
  • The Mid-South Food Bank
  • Coaching Clients from Fortune 100 Companies